Gus and his staff at Mr Transmission in Scarborough assisted my 88-year-old mother when her cherished car broke down and left her stranded and afraid close by their location.

They saved her a tow, assessed the issue, advised her of an option, found a workable solution outside-the-box, and provided a ride home so she didn’t have to find alternate means. They even gave her discounts without asking, making an expensive job easier for limited budget.

Enabling my senior mom to keep her 28-year-old mint car – and therefore her freedom, critical thinking and wellness – by fixing her cherished car when tail pipe etc fell off and numerous others had said they couldn’t fix because of rust and fear that it would fall apart when they put on hoist…

Within a day she is now is able to drive without fear of her car failing on her and leaving stranded in winter weather and for the first time in a long time not having to breath the terrible health effects of exhaust toxins.

Gus also diplomatically advised of small human over-site that would have been expensive ticket if had been stopped by authorities and was rectified within half hour same evening of notifying.

Gus and his staff went above and beyond without being asked.

Thank you! Especially at a very challenging time.