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Outstanding service

I contacted Mr. Transmission and spoke to Gus regarding my work van to get a quote. I was previously quoted $3500 and 3 days of work on the van at another business and was pleased to hear that the van did not need as much work as the other business had told me. This not only saved the company thousands of dollars, but the service provided was done within the day.

I highly recommend that if you need any work done on your vehicle, know that they are honest people, which is hard to find within the industry, and will give you excellent service, making you feel safe when you pick your vehicle up from the shop.

Thank you again to Gus and his crew for the outstanding service.

Brittamy M.

Exceptional experience.

Exceptional experience. Visiting family in Scarborough from the US and experienced car transmission troubles during the 8 hour drive from NY. Called line off hours on a Sunday afternoon and Gus answered right away, car was towed to his location and fixed/returned within 3 days. Gus gave us the most efficient and cost effective options, and I never felt ambushed, confused or overwhelmed during the experience. Very knowledgable and professional. Car now runs well and sounds great. Drive home, smooth. Pleased with the work and the service. Highly recommend.


Honest mechanics works at this shop.

Honest mechanics works at this shop. Gus is a great guy. He will tell you the good and the bad. A straight forward guy. Gus will give you options, and you can choose based on your financial situation or urgency. Happy with the service he has done for IQ Elevators. I will recommend this place over Active Green or any-other shops. Greet job guys!!

Sathya A.

Took the time to show, explain, and repair the damage

Driving to Scarborough from Durham over a year and a half ago, there was a very loud rattling noise coming from the back of my car. I exited the highway and stopped at the first mechanic shop I saw on Sheppard Ave (Mister Transmission, Scarborough). Gus was AMAZING, to say the least! The right rear suspension was completely off! This could have been a disastrous situation had I not stopped. He took the time to show, explain, and repair the damage. I was grateful for his expertise and his honesty. It's a bit of a drive for me to come to see him whenever I have car troubles, but it's worth the drive. He is trustworthy and I would recommend his services to anyone.

Lorraine P.

My car rides as good as new!

Mister Transmission, Scarborough location is the best place for all your vehicle care and service.
I’ve been taking both my vehicles to this location for a number of years. It’s a full service shop that I can trust and with great prices.
Gus is very professional and takes the time to explain any mechanical issues with your vehicle.
Was in the shop this week to service my emergency brake cable and also asked him to check over the vehicle. Gus and his mechanic did such a thorough check, they found that my propeller shaft was badly worn at the joint. If left unchecked, it would have come apart doing major damage to the vehicle and could have resulted in a serious accident. Gus took the time to show me what was happening and explained why this needed to be repaired. He order the parts and installed it that afternoon.
I am very thankful to Gus and his mechanic for detecting this major problem, replacing the defective parts at a great price.
My car rides as good as new!

Greg S.

I had the most pleasant experience I have ever had with a shop

Mr. Transmission wonderful shop, I had the most pleasant experience I have ever had with a shop, the place itself is extremely clean, you don't have cars and parts all over the place. When you enter the office, they have a beautiful seating area for their guests, I was greeted by Gus and he guided me through the whole process explained everything thoroughly and went over all the issues with me to show me spots I hadn't seen before and he was also honest with me through the process. He took great care of our truck. I would strongly recommend this shop to anyone

Tier One

I am impressed

They have been very considerate about my situation all the way.
Gus who takes care of the business knows how to care for his clients. I appreciate their efforts on how fast they manage to fix my transmission right after they had the parts. Not everyone will take extra care of your car like Gus and his team. Overall, I am impressed.

Joleit G.

Best prices you will find

Great customer service. Best prices you will find, they take good care of there customers there ! My car is working good as new now !

Ryan S.

I have FINALLY found a repair shop I can trust.

After living in the area for a few years, I have FINALLY found a repair shop I can trust. High quality work and honest advise, rare these days

Patrick L.

Best shop in all of Toronto

My family have been going to Gus & Ray for about 6 years. Best shop in all of Toronto. They even helped my daughter out when she wanted to buy a used car by checking them out before she purchased one. We have purchased 2 used vehicles from Gus. They are always up front with the cost and letting us know exactly what they are going to do. i would highly suggest anyone with any issues with their car to go and see them

Colleen M.

Super fast work, very reliable service, straightforward

Super fast work, very reliable service, straightforward honest Gus is awesome very respectful he'll take the time and sit you down and explain exactly what he done to your car don't cheap out with the other guys Gus and mister transmission are definitely the best when its comes to transmission / clutch work my clutch felt like day and night compared to the shape it was in before

Jason D.

Pretty awesome service.

Pretty awesome service. I go to this location a few times a year and so far no issues.

Carlos B.

Professional service, honest people , quality technicians.

Professional service, honest people , quality technicians. I went here to get the rear end repaired on one of the Available Roofing trucks and they did a really good job for us.Ask for Gus he's the man !! . Thank you guys at Mister Transmission for making a difference and you honest genuine service.

Joe H.

This shop is an amazing asset to the community

Best Shop! The transmission in my BMW 540 broke down. What the dealership wanted nearly $10,000 to fix, Ray and Gus were able to for a fraction of the cost.Ray and Gus deserve a TEN STAR rating. They are real mechanics who have the the rare ability to accurately diagnose mechanical issues. and get to the root cause of the problem. While waiting for the work to be done I witnessed dozens of equally satisfied customers who all trust Ray & Gus without question. I see myself driving out of the way to bring my cars to Ray and Gus. This shop is an amazing asset to the community.

Sten W.

Nice and sweet guys

Nice and sweet guys, didn't try to take advantage and knew I was getting good work at a decent price.

Anna V.

Great experience

Great experience, the staff there really connect with their customers, and work with customers not only on work load but understands financial crisis and the work is done fast and professionally.

Dylan C.

Brought my 2005 mustang back to life

Gus was great. He went beyond what I expected. Explained everything. And brought my 2005 mustang back to life. Thank you so much. I will continue to use you. And the price was great. You get what you pay for they say. Well. I think I was given more then what I payed for. And thank you for explaining everything that was done. Thanks again.

Frank V.


Gus and his staff at Mr Transmission in Scarborough assisted my 88-year-old mother when her cherished car broke down and left her stranded and afraid close by their location.

They saved her a tow, assessed the issue, advised her of an option, found a workable solution outside-the-box, and provided a ride home so she didn't have to find alternate means. They even gave her discounts without asking, making an expensive job easier for limited budget.

Enabling my senior mom to keep her 28-year-old mint car - and therefore her freedom, critical thinking and wellness - by fixing her cherished car when tail pipe etc fell off and numerous others had said they couldn't fix because of rust and fear that it would fall apart when they put on hoist...

Within a day she is now is able to drive without fear of her car failing on her and leaving stranded in winter weather and for the first time in a long time not having to breath the terrible health effects of exhaust toxins.

Gus also diplomatically advised of small human over-site that would have been expensive ticket if had been stopped by authorities and was rectified within half hour same evening of notifying.

Gus and his staff went above and beyond without being asked.

Thank you! Especially at a very challenging time.

Virginia J

Excellent, Friendly, and Professional Service

I am very happy that I went to this location. The service was great and very accommodating. Thank you. Well explained info about what they would do before any commitment to go ahead with the repair. Excellent friendly and professional service

A+ Service

Ray was very upfront and honest. He diagnosed and serviced my transmission promptly and even gave me the opportunity to see the inside of a similar model transmission. A+ service.
After I paid I found myself smiling! It was quite a bill for my pocket book and yet I left smiling. Simply felt that a great job had been done by some excellent people.

Helpful and Courteous

Ray and Gus were very professional and knowledgeable. The car was repaired on time and the estimate was the price. Will continue to recommend these guys to everyone. very helpful and courteous

Staff Was Very Knowledgeable

The staff was very knowledgeable, courteous and they identified a different problem that had nothing to do with the transmission, which I had repaired by them as well. Location should be open on Saturdays. thanks

Very Informative


Fantastic Service Excellence. Bravo!

Ray was excellent and the job was completed as quoted. I would definitely go there again.
My Thanks to Ray Sanchez, for his fantastic Service Excellence. Bravo! What impress me the most is how the call was handled. Gus was very helpful, knowledgeable.

I'm Driving a Brand New Car

The amount of money I paid for fixing my Pilot is worth it, like I'm driving a brand new car. Gus and Ray showed they know what they were talking about when I explained the situation of my car to them. I was confident that I am getting the right service for the right price. Ray Sanchez has always been above board and honest as to what he could do. I like dealing with him and will so in the future.

Extremely Satisfied

The service provided was very good and I left the place extremely satisfied with the work that was done on my vehicle.

Professional and Knowledgeable People

This was the best experience i have ever had dealing with anything to do with a car problem.i have never meet such a group of professional and knowledgeable people in my 60 years of car issues. thanks

Great Service

I thought the "graduated" nature of the price of an estimate was troublesome - that is, "it'll cost this much to go this far", and so on. But the returning of phone calls and information relayed to me and so on was very prompt and professional. Great service.

Very Helpful

Mr. Transmission were very helpful & fixed my clutch problems by the next day, they also said my break pads should be replaced & I will do so at the end of this month. Yonge St location on website, I went there and it was closed and property sold. I almost did not go to Scarborough location.

Awesome Work

Awesome work, will use Mister Transmission again.

Great Work

Great work. I was impressed with the honesty of the workers. I'm very satisfied with the service, though spent some money but its worth it.

Good Friendly Service

Good friendly service. Advised of all problems with vehicle. Explained cause and effect of issues with the transmission and other parts. Offered sound advice for future maintenance.

Very Impressed

Second visit. First was with a Ford Winstar that my wife said a dealer had told her had a transmission problem. MT reported that there was no problem and only suggested routine maintenance. Very impressed. Thought all transmission shops would sell you a new transmission even if nothing was wrong. Based on this visit - I decided to take my truck in for a fluid and filter change. Asked them to check a noise in the back. Owner reported it was a broken spring and suggested a place to go to that specialized in springs. That place was very reasonable and provided great service as well. Very impressed with Mister Transmission.

Mister Transmission Located Problem for Free

Went to Ford dealership first that told us stalling was fixed and transmission fluid was dirty (we already knew that) and that transmission was fine for now. Stalling was NOT fixed and got worse. Paid $271. to Ford for them to do nothing. Mister transmission located the problem for free and fixed the transmission. Can't help but wonder if Ford had figured out the transmission was going, it wouldn't have cost so much to repair because it would have been seen much earlier than it was.

Very Polite and Accomodating

Gus and Ray who helped us were very polite and accommodating. Both are knowledgeable on what they do and had given us options and sound advice.The overall service experience we will be extremely happy to recommend to friends and family. I am very satisfied with the customer service.

Very very efficient

Very very efficient in service and timely repair. Gus and Ray was very courteous and helpful. Will highly recommend this place to others.

I Trust Their Assessment and Advice

I have dealt with the same shop for 20 years. I trust their assessment and advice. Can't say that about many transmission shops in Toronto.

Knowledgeable and Sound Advice

Gus and Ray who helped us were very polite and accommodating. Both are knowledgeable on what they do and had given us options and sound advice. The overall service experience we will be extremely happy to recommend to friends and family.

Very Satisfied

It feels like a new car, very satisfied with the work done.