Transmission Tips 4-6

Tip 4: Spot the Warning Signs

If you experience any of the following contact a Mister Transmission technician:

The engine sounds like it’s running, but the vehicle doesn’t move
You hear unusual noises when the vehicle shifts during acceleration
You can’t get your vehicle to move when in reverse
The vehicle is overheating
You’ve noticed a reddish fluid under your vehicle
Your transmission hesitates
Standard transmission is noisy or hard to shift

Tip 5: Worn Clutch Causes Shudder

If your automatic transmission has trouble shifting gears or is slipping between gear changes you might have a transmission problem. If you are experiencing trouble shifting your manual transmission or the shift is difficult or delayed or if your clutch seems to be slipping, you may require a transmission service.

If your manual transmission shudders when you shift, if you really have to work to change gears, or if you hear noise when you shift, it’s time to visit us.

Ask about our 24 month, 40,000 KM clutch warranty. Our install comes with a full two-year 40,000 KM warranty. Visit participating locations.

Tip 6: Two Dipsticks under your Car’s Hood

There are two dipsticks under your car’s hood, one for your oil, one for your transmission fluid. Familiarize yourself with the locations so you can check both while you or your service provider is under the hood.